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3rd Party Audit History, &
What is GFSI. . .Why do we need it?
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3rd Party Audit History
& What is GFSI. . .Why do we need it!?!
By Matt Regusci
Speaker For This Webinar:
Matt Regusci
Co-Founder & Board of
Co-Founder and CEO of
What You'll Learn In This Free Presentation...
Lesson #1:  Brief abridged history of 3rd party audit evolution
Explain how 3rd party audits evolved since the late 90's to where we are today.
Lesson #2: How audit fatigue went from 3rd party to 2nd party
How companies went from performing many 3rd party audits to many 2nd party audits.
Lesson #3: What is GFSI, why & how did it come to existence
History of why GFSI was created, who runs the organization, & how it operates.
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